KK Fall Spectacular, Return 2020
November 21, 2020 - 5pm to 7:30pm EST at #Gorean_Dance
Thank you Demoness for fabulously coordinating this event!
Thank you judges:Lu`Kel, Shadoefox, and Violent, and Radnor Watcher/Commentator

Archive of Dances
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Dance Category, Beginners
The dancers who have some dance experience may perform at beginners’ level, if You have not danced before or have only done one to two dances ever

  • dancer001         chemy{KK}
  • dancer002         adeen{R}
  • dancer003         yuna
  • dancer004         no show

  • Dance Category,Advanced
    These dancers are the most experienced. They often have been a part of Gor an extensive length of time and danced often for their home and/or their Owner. These dancers have often won awards in the lower levels and graduated up to the advanced

  • dancer005         elena{MM} (fourth dance)}
  • dancer006         enya
  • dancer007         shiva{KK}
  • dancer008         lara{KK}
  • dancer009         {talia}D
  • dancer010         nishi
  • dancer011         nara{KK}
  • dancer012         iris{KK}

  • [15:33] * dancer002 (.@***.***IP) has joined #gorean_dance

    [15:34] * Rhage sets mode: +v dancer002
    [15:34] <~Demoness> Our next Dancer is going to be doing the Submission Dance, dancer002, you have the sand pit

    "> [15:34] * +dancer002 wakes, rubbing dark orbs peering around the room, nothing, silence. Shivering from the chill of new home, listening for Him and waiting for Him to appear, not wanting to give in, resistance burning to the core, lifting, looking around this strange chamber; a bed in a corner, rings on the floor and wall, swallowing hard as fingers caress new steel

    [15:36] * +dancer002 peeking out the window, looking out on the newest City ko-ro-ba she heard the Man say, white walls surrounding the city with towers and cylinders connected by narrow bridges, twirling from the window missing the cool air of Treve but not the tarns... giant terrifying creatures, so high up in the Sardar mountains, hidden from visitors

    [15:37] * +dancer002 's mystifying gems sparkle from falling tears, belly aching, hands run up smooth curves over silks, then spinning on the spot stomping a bare foot in frustration and anger as hands move to dark steel trapped round slender throat and grips, pulling with all every ounce of left over strength before dropping back to knees on soft pelts

    [15:39] * +dancer002 arms wrap round belly remembering His words, letting out a growl before jumping up, body twirls, arms lift to raise dark lengths of midnight and drop over shoulders blanketing face then snapping round delicate features as eyes glance around for the exit, wanting to leave, escape, be free any of the above, but legs not obeying attempts to flee

    [15:41] * +dancer002 lifts arm, trying to hide tears not wanting Him to see her fear, the sound of silence drowning ears, body trembling at touches of own fingertips, pacing in a circle on His soft pelts, not leaving them but wishing He was there to grip, caress, hold but wanting to push Him away at the same time, keeping distance

    [15:42] * +dancer002 lowers to knees again, holding back more tears from flowing, body juts, right to left in despair and anguish, memories flooding back of her old Home, wondering why she was sold, missing the care, love she felt, the safety, fearing the unknown, the change, refusing to give Him mind and soul even if He takes tender flesh, marking it as His own

    [15:44] * +dancer002 brushes midnight mane from slender face, flicking back over a knotted shoulder, feeling lengths tumble down silken back, hisses escape dry lips, dampening them for a brief moment, knowing the more fight given the more punishment received, rising again, toes curling in the soft pelts for a moment before running to the door, hands slamming into it

    [15:45] * +dancer002 falls back as the door opens at the noise of hands, falling back in surprise as He enters, hood over head, un-feline grace falls back to the furs on barely covered curved ass with a pained yelp, shifting back a little as His gaze meets bronze gems for a moment then watching Him pull down the hood moving about the chamber before settling upon His bed

    [15:47] * +dancer002 jumps hearing a loud snap, looking up before crawling to Him, slight hesitation but hips sway with her movements, silks lifting enough to show Him brands of past Home Ko-lar, pausing for a moment as fight ignites within fuelled belly, moving forward to His feet, wriggling back onto heels, bronze orbs meeting His for a moment before dropping, biting lower lip

    [15:49] * +dancer002 groans out feeling His grip on dark mane suddenly, writhing on the spot, fire ignited as He smiles, leaning in claiming lips roughly, then releasing as sudden as gripped, feeling body melt, knowing no harm will come to her being His, arms rising to cross above her head as fight and hate leave her mind, ducking head to a bow between them in utter submission

    [15:49] <+dancer002> La kajira

    [16:18] * dancer005 (dancer123@@***.***) has joined #gorean_dance

    [16:18] <~Demoness> Next dancer we have is going to be doing a Freestyle Pole dance, dancer005, you have the sand pit
    [16:18] * Rhage sets mode: +v dancer005

    [16:19] * +dancer005 makes her way to the pit, hips sway with gentle ease under sweet flutter of red silk, slender waistline accentuated by slim silver chain ~ nods to the musicians when feet touch sand ~ takes a few ihns to look at the star strewn skies outside, light of three moons rising set a silver glow to green rolling hills ~ a kajira’s heart beats in harmony with drums of tabor as she lowers to bare knees at the edge of the pit ~

    [16:19] * +dancer005 ’s eyes blue as distant Thassa close while she breathes together with the music ~ with every beat slightly faster, she lets go of present and sinks into memories ~ lush breasts rise and fall, nervous shivers ripple through flesh ~ invisible attraction of One nearby pulls strings attached to a barbarian heart ~ mesmerized by beauty of beasts around Him, she fears never being pleasing enough ~

    [16:20] * +dancer005 longs to be noticed and rises slowly, her head slightly tilts, she watches Him from a distance ~ dainty toes draw lines in sand while kaska joins the tabor ~ nervously she moves as His posture urges her to dance without a command ~ reflection of flames illuminates ivory skin and long willowy arms rise overhead ~ beauty of a girl starts to bloom, like a dina at early morning, arms open as petals inviting the world ~

    [16:21] * +dancer005 senses a pull from the middle of sands ~ smooth taught belly contracts with unknown feelings, a sharp breath is drawn ~ hips restlessly roll underneath silk as she spins toward luring center, where the Temwood pole waits patiently ~ delicate fingers dance across satin skin, till a beast inside snarls and rattles its chain ~ startled hands curl to claws, desperately reaching for fire that has been ignited

    [16:22] * +dancer005 ‘s fearfilled eyes dart aorund the room, while contours of hips reach right and left ~ unable to control blazing fire that threatens to devour her whole, she wildly tugs at blue steel around slender neck ~ falls to round knees, head drops between bare shoulders ~ beads of moisture turn to precious gems in the reflection of tharlarion oil lamps ~ a desperate cry rises from offered throat, echoeing back from walls ~

    [16:23] * +dancer005 ’s small hands clasp around the base of temwood ~ sweet ram-berry red lips reach out in a silent plea for help ~ cheeks caress, fingers dig in warm sand ~ whimpers piteously, It stands unresponsive, silently regarding the distressed beast below ~ golden grains stick to moist flesh as she writhes in sand ~ the beast inside growls, temptuous heat fully displayed, but It just won’t yield ~ on a loud cresendo of beats

    [16:23] * +dancer005 she jumps up ~

    [16:24] * +dancer005 pushes wood in fury, dark eyes glisten ferociously and turns her back to the pole ~ she wants! she wishes! she longs! she needs! ~ yet why can’t she get? ~ bare feet stomp annoyed, shrill sound of bells fills the air, frustrated kicks send grains to fly ~ the beast within untamed, drunk with its freedom howls in hunger ~ fading drums cause steps to slow down, tears leave lustrous trails along red cheeks ~ she pauses to

    [16:24] * +dancer005 feel ~

    [16:26] * +dancer005 moans softly when gentle tones of flutes salve her soul ~ unaware that He sees everything, lithe creature now moves with almost larl-like grace ~ eager fingertips explore where fire rises, follows sensitive path left by flames licking inside ~ succulent nubs ripe against palms of hands, long golden tresses teasingly caress creamy flesh ~ silk whispers sensuously over gracefull undulations, hips reach out on notes plucked

    [16:26] * +dancer005 off czehar~

    [16:27] * +dancer005 spins inwards, awareness grows with each step taken ~ “a girl herself ultimately will be her best trainer” ~ eagerness to plesase spills from every lush curve ~ long golden tresses sweetly caress creamy flesh, around rolling hips a sensuous whisper of silk teases ~ the beast inside cherished by a kajira born ~ fingers light as feathers caress wood, love starved flesh brushes briefly ~ slavebells voice a song of

    [16:27] * +dancer005 longings ~

    [16:28] * +dancer005 sways around the pole in perfect harmony with final climax of czehar and flutes ~ wanton hips lustfully beckon ~ lifts hair away from shoulders, tresses seep like liquid gold through splayed fingers ~ mystical whirl of feminine forms spirals down to sand ~ hands pushing slender back into arch, toned thighs tremble with tension ~ carnal desires offered in straining love bow on the final note, she realises:

    [16:28] <+dancer005> ~la kajira ~

    [16:33] * dancer006 (dancer@xchat@***.***) has joined #gorean_dance

    [16:33] * Rhage sets mode: +m
    [16:33] <~Demoness> The next Dancer we have is doing a Dance of Rebeliion, dancer006, you have the sand
    [16:33] * Rhage sets mode: +v

    "> [16:34] * +dancer006 sees thunderous black clouds creeping bright skies threatened by ominous roars. Far and near, Cast of Shadow bewitches hearts and minds of Men. Where once was integrity lies a smoke screen overflowing with poison hypnotizing Conscience and Essence. Wrenching scarlet silk, bared smooth abdomen pulsates, ice steel jasper eyes glare defiantly, depths of soul indomitable, yet torn invisibly bound in the past and the present.

    [16:36] <+dancer006> ~The slave, incidentally, wants to be owned by a man of honor. We want to be proud of our masters. Too, we are safer with such a man. The man of honor, of course, and perhaps in part because of his sense of honor, holds us in uncompromising, perfect bondage. But that is what we want, for we are slaves.~ Witness of Gor

    [16:38] * +dancer006 shudders centered on pit circled by Them, numerous pairs of eyes pop in view, one at a time through dark enclaves matching each wild barbaric beat of kaska, leather hide surface jouncing at every hard thud.Fleshy hips whisk rebelliously against unseen Whimsical Strings madly driving amid depth and shallow drowning in a cacophony of Noises. Bana anklet bells mute sinking deeper into sand, Foundation dissolving secretly

    [16:38] * +dancer006 below.

    [16:40] * +dancer006 vaults away savagely spraying golden grains sky high, bonded creature swathed in shimmering iridescent dust, in crimson and gold lamé, whirls in frenzied twirls, wretched soul full of frustration and angst. Kohled eyes scream, larma red stained lips swell with heat of angry ragged breaths coating dragon silver armlet in a mist. Weight of slavery magnified, burning bosom asks ~Who has heart and seeing eyes?~

    [16:42] * +dancer006 falls into the sands writhing in arches, invisible fori crunch and tug within captured beast, battle within raging in furor. ~ How can Actions unleash pain like multiple lashes breaking skin? How can Nonchalance hurt like an old healed brand scorched ablaze?~ Weary arms fiercely clutch chest bearing down between tensed belly and parted thighs, seeking solace and protection, from vulnerability to compromise.

    [16:44] * +dancer006 's eyes desperately search for He who was, lips succulent as ram-berries taste salty crystal tears streaming over flushed cheeks, incoherent voice begging the Majestic ~ Rain,come cleanse and purify ~ Windrestore Conscience and Essence ~ Earth sow Integrity ~ Fire breathe Truth~ Bring us Pride!~ Washed silent, haggard sobs fade, passionate heart quiets. Noise stilled; His Voice comes through many passing moons.

    [16:46] <+dancer006> "Is it not safer to cower in the caves of lies than to stand upon the cliffs of truth, surveying the world? Yet when one stands in the sunlight and feels the winds of reality, how dank and shameful seem the dark shelters of falsehood, and how foolish it seems then to have once feared daylight and fresh air. Always stand in the light, kajira!"

    [16:48] * +dancer006 's expression clears bright as day, ebony lashes lift revealing serene jasper brown eyes. Pagar kajira, curled troubled on the sands gracefully rise leaping through ashes, a Phoenix soaring in bright red and tinsels of gold. Ancient kan-lara of double dragons high above on plump left thigh exposes itself unashamedly, all but unveiling smooth venus till belled feet plant firmly wide apart on solid Rock.

    [16:50] * +dancer006 's Sunlight of Gor ripples over curves standing tall in His light. Myriad of reflections seen as far as the cerulean Thassa Sea radiate from adorned gifts caressing slave's arm, belly, and feet. Pride fluidly flows from oyster pink toenails to every silky strand of bronzed tresses shimmering in subtle hues of Blue and Yellow. Each sparkle, a kiss, a touch gently spreading arms till mul hands interlock behind slender neck.

    [16:52] * +dancer006 Empowered and perfectly bonded to His will, Mandate, Mantra so absolute, supple spine arches profoundly syncing with drum beats reaching its climax, exquisite twin fawns lift, thrusting quavering chin up high. ~"Oh, how fragrant is jasmine, how delicate is orchid, how staunch is Steel. Slave yet free, trained to say yes, but in Truth and Light, against the Dar-Kosis of the spirit, she must, and will say..."ki!, Master"~

    [16:54] <+dancer006> ~la kajira sa`ng-fori~

    [17:00] * dancer007 (dancer007@xchat@***.***) has joined #gorean_dance

    [17:00] <~Demoness> Next dancer we have is going to do the Dance of Surrender, Freestyle, dancer007, you have the sand pit
    [17:00] * Rhage sets mode: +m
    [17:01] * Rhage sets mode: +v dancer007

    [17:01] <+dancer007> they barely touching the ground walking to the pole with her ass rolling like the Thassia to the shore, reaching out touches the wood overhead then begins to slowly caress the worn smooth wood. The wings of red silks move down to the ground lowering arms, grabbing the pole with both hands while laying back supporting the lithe frame with the arms holding on the pole and

    [17:02] <+dancer007> toes against the bottom of the pole, extending the arms and neck becomes completely exposed to all the onlookers and to the three moons which illuminate the dance pit, begins to lower herself down and moving so the pole rests between thighs kneeling completely exposed, silks lay on the ground the upper torso still arm’s length away from pole, pulls towards as the pole as

    [17:03] <+dancer007> the kasaka beats a stronger melody as strings are plucked In a slower pace, moving torso up to a breath away from the pole as pulling the head to upright, then moves so cheek against the wood, for three beat of the racing heart.

    [17:04] <+dancer007> pulling the head away and rises shaking the head begins to trail around the pole and the silks moves up as she walks the circumference of the pole, the silks flutter out as circling the pole three times watches as the silks coat around the pole continues moving around the pole wrapping it with the silks, slowly slides arms out of the armlets

    [17:05] <+dancer007> letting the pole remain coated with the silks she dances and leaps seeing the silks against the pole as the music plays a teasing melody, hopping and lands on tip toes then starts scurrying around the tavern, weaving around the Free, dancing leaping as the heart feels as light as a feather, heat aching as the body aches for His touch, Then the

    [17:06] <+dancer007> moves behind Him as He sits in His chair, arms snake over His shoulders as bending forward and kisses His chin, and the hands trail over the tunic and stops at the waist of His trousers. kissing His ear as pulling arms back up, continues weaving around the Free, laughing and giggling as passing, them the music slows again

    [17:06] <+dancer007> to a solemn melody the heartbeat increases faster drops to the ground then begins to serpentine towards the pole, pulls herself up and pulls hair to her right shoulder as rapidly twists, turns causing the mane to be tied into a slavers knot beside right cheek, taking breath to slow heartbeat turns and crawls towards the Master stopping at the edge of the pelts where pulling up to

    [17:08] <+dancer007> ass resting on heels as back is held straight, bending forward reaching the larma which was placed under the corner of His pelts kissing the fruit places it between hands, moves it to the chest holding it against the heart for three beats then moves it overhead in offering the fruit the same offering herself to Him

    [17:08] <+dancer007> la kajira

    [17:15] * dancer008 (dancer008@***.***.IP) has joined #gorean_dance

    [17:16] * Rhage sets mode: +
    [17:16] <~Demoness> Our next Dancer is doing the Dance of the Seven Veils*, dancer008, you have the sand pit
    (*erratum - Veil Dance)
    [17:16] * Rhage sets mode: +v

    "> [17:17] * +dancer008 ~slips from the kitchen, kajira wrapped in crimson vaporous frail gossamer; ribbons that capture the eye and entail, whisper a tail long forgotten of a Rarius and His slave, as flow and entice in seductive sway over each peak and valley of beasts feminine frame. Sets bottle of ka-la-na and goblet on margin of torch lit pit and steps in~

    [17:18] * +dancer008 ~slight tremble betrays slaves excitement, arms lift gracefully over silken mane, flowing sheer ribbons of scarlet drape over toned arms; delicate flimsy material flow free from pale shoulder and cover opposite hip, attempting to hide ivory moons. Angelic face lifts to the sky, a moment of focus and stillness, ethereal music fills the air, rising up on high tones while veils of passionate red vibrate~

    [17:20] * +dancer008 ~czehar reverberates silencing the Men, almost tender in its play as slave pulls curtain of crimson around her; low rumble of a tabor begin to add a slow and steady she-larl rhythm. Feet tapping the sand, as if a Rarius paces to battle field; barbaric moves, twist and turns that capture lights and shades, story of gladius, swords and Bloods in Arms, as tap of feet becomes savage in soft grains~

    [17:22] * +dancer008 ~jumps to her feet, rippling muscles glow in warm copper rays of torches as twists, coils and dances red veils, rapid and barbaric, flow and flutter mesmerising the eye. Delicate feet dancing in sands, leaving behind small desert storm and intricate patterns as if marching of armies, quick and confident, thousand Warriors steps beating the cadence along with beat of musicians drums~

    [17:24] * +dancer008 ~reaches to loop on shoulder, rapid quiver of red in sporadic breeze o fall's night; gold bangles clink vivid on wrists, as would Warriors swords in passionate fight, adding to savage beauty of the unfolding the story. Silk rise above golden mane, slave stretching and reaching high, willowy, as if holding up banner of victory and pride, flag of her Warriors Nykus, tainted with blood of his Brothers in Arms~

    [17:26] * +dancer008 ~fine sheen of sweat making the sensual frame almost glow in torches light, arms extend, delicate fingers that hold translucent frail material stroke the nights air on imaginary harps cords, a melody meant to slow the thunderstorm in a kajira heart and fill her with brazen passion that roars throughout her body and soul, refining a beast to mindlessness, to peaceful splendour of surrender~

    [17:28] * +dancer008 ~diaphanous fabric flutter above her head and flow low like rushed waterfall over the Voltai's red rocks, raining over slave peaks and valleys, sweeping low on sand, to storm back up again along with glistening particles of dusty rain that stick to glowing sweated body. Float and wave of silk around the swirling and arching beast spread around discreet slave fragrance, of wild dinas and lust~

    [17:30] * +dancer008 ~fluidly dropping to sand as tempo changes suddenly, small delicate bangles encircling wrists clinking against each other as though imprisoned with shackles. Struggling and fighting the bonds that seemingly have the spirit held and languishing, striving and wrestling with invisible fori, as though held by metal plates bolted to the wall of a cell, writhing and twisting like a captive of own need~

    [17:32] * +dancer008 ~'s wide forest greens gaze out towards the many, trying to spot Him, the One that keeps her belly's fire roaring; soft aulus chant accentuates beasts lust as statuesque form arches and serpentines back and forth, narrating for all to see the beauty of a slave girl imprisoned by mental deep bonds under silverish glow of tri-moons in a serene gorean night~

    - [17:34] * +dancer008 ~crawls low, lascivious slow moves and stands at the edge of the pit, picking up the bottle and goblet, eyes never ceasing their fiery gaze, lips parched and needy meet bottles cork pulling it free and fills the goblet with ruby red nectar, lifting it in proffering as falls to her knees in front of Him, uttering the essence of her whole existence, the meaning of her being, His pagar ~ La Kajira!~

    [17:43] * dancer009 (sid471336@xchat@***.***) has joined #gorean_dance

    [17:43] <~Demoness> Our next Dance is a Chain Dance, dancere009, you have the sand pit
    [17:44] * Rhage sets mode: +m
    [17:44] * Rhage sets mode: +v dancer009

    "> [17:44] * +dancer009 slips in, silent pad of foot weaving through, the tickle of fluffy abyss teasing here and there as vibrant blues float about the Home, reddened warmth rising upon cheeks as teeth gently catch and nibble a plump bottom lip, hands wandering down to smoothen the calm ocean that encompasses, pausing to feel the flutter deep within as quick steps lend her to the dance pit, toes wiggling through soft grains of sand as they

    [17:44] * +dancer009 part beneath each step

    [17:46] * +dancer009 trails tender fingertip along staked pole, deep breath heaving well endowed chest, deep gaze never wavering as she continues down, hand reaching to lift the heavy chain, twirling it around wrist and arm, the weight telling of her future to come as it slides nearly free, only halted by a delicate grip on the last link before being brought around, breath catching in her throat as an audible clip brings her into one with

    [17:46] * +dancer009 the chain

    [17:48] * +dancer009 crosses hands over blonde tresses, a foot lifting to tip toes, held there as if frozen in time for an ehn, bright blues darkening as anger and fear rise in tandem, ten sharp paces darting from the center pole, eyes flashing as chain bites into pale flesh, halting any further movements away, small feet digging deep into the sand, searching for traction, soft growl rolling through parted lips, fire ablaze, running wild

    [17:48] * +dancer009 in

    [17:50] * +dancer009 peers around frantically, haste steps flinging sand about as she moves against the metal gripping thin frame, never bending, never relenting, the fear rising in her belly, catching in her throat, hands gripping at the length of the chain, icy blues glaring down as if trying to slice right through the chain to free her of this, this captivity, the girl's need for independence consuming, chain sinking deeper into heated

    [17:50] * +dancer009 flesh

    [17:52] * +dancer009 gasps, fingers clawing at the chain as it tightens, securing her position near this pole, pain bringing the girl to her knees, steele gaze rising, taking in the gravity of her position, the chain loosening as it falls slack, rapid, deep breaths slowing as something seems to light within her, a warmth as she finds herself slightly buried in the sands, golden tresses bouncing around as head shakes, the feelings not

    [17:52] * +dancer009 possible

    [17:54] * +dancer009 's eyes follow the length of the chain to pole, then back again, that defiant glint beginning to fade, the warmth inside her growing, slow steps circling the pole, a sudden, sharp pull to chain removing all slack, cutting into porcelain flesh once more, deep red painting around the chain, a step towards the pole relieving the pain, a knee returning to the sand, freeing her of worry, all thoughts surrounding this

    [17:54] * +dancer009 singular chain

    [17:56] * +dancer009 hums in thought, milky thighs kissing softly as free knee lowers to meet the other, fire burning hot within belly, feather light brushes of her fingertips against the curve of girl from chin to belly button, hand pausing to feel, the warmth of a slave's heart, slave's passion guiding her return, the thought of existing for One bringing a gentle smile to rosy lips, a flicker of that independence still dancing in

    [17:56] * +dancer009 softening blues

    [17:58] * +dancer009 trails a fingertip along the chain, a glimmer of joy this time as it begins to warm her, heart beating for One, the chain no more a source of distress, but rather one of fulfillment and happiness, eyes sparkling of desire, floating about the Home, lingering upon One, One who will demand only the best of her, One who pulls her back to the sweet freedom that is found within the serve, the fire in her burning with hunger

    [17:58] * +dancer009 once again

    [17:58] <+dancer009> ~La kajira~

    [18:08] * dancer010 (@xchat@***.***) has joined #gorean_dance

    [18:08] * Rhage sets mode: +v dancer010
    [18:09] * Rhage sets mode: +m
    [18:09] <~Demoness> Next Dance is a Pole Dance, dancer010, you have the sand pit

    "> [18:09] * +dancer010 hears the thrum of the drums a deep echoing beat that draws her unsure steps towards the sands. Dark eyes brim with worry and ill ease, dark curls wrapped about her body as the beast feels the eyes of all around her strike her, tossing the girl to a fro as if a sail on the choppiest of waves, the bare flesh of her lush curves painted a rosy hue as she sees the pole before her

    [18:09] * +dancer010 a beacon in the torrent

    [18:10] * +dancer010 clambers and reached to grab the post her palms slapping in time to the beat as she wraps long arms about the image of one she has no name for, her body writhing about one long supple line pressed to the unmoving statue before her as the shape of dark eyes fills her vision, the feel of Him clouding out all others who see her making the sway of hips only for him

    [18:10] * +dancer010 looks up above her body arms wrapped around the neck of one she seeks only to be crashed back to the beat of the drums seeing only hard wood its touch lulling the beast to dream of fingers as she draws her palm up along the tightness of her belly along the swell of her curves to reach for the face so close to her mind but so far from her grasp

    [18:11] * +dancer010 hooks a long leg the tinted hue of her skin slick with sweat catches on the beam as tiny fists pound as she twists about it to the thrum of the drums her hands dragging to her hips as they saunter left to right catching the silks of the beast and holding them as if in His grip once more, a soft cry passes her lips as she turns a dainty spin seeking his eyes only to be brought

    [18:11] * +dancer010 back to the present

    [18:12] * +dancer010 arches her back against the immovable presence the coldness that pushes her curves away and draws them back in as she knows he looks on, as she drags a pointed toe along the length before her, parting thighs wide to drop letting the sands caress her gently urging her on to the beat of the drums

    [18:12] * +dancer010 feels the crashing in her chest the thrumming of the drums as she presses a shoulder to that who calls her letting it tip her hips up and back into rhythm dancing about the softness she now feels in the eyes of all, the breath of Him that fills her with each toss of a dainty arm pulls she closer to the vision before her as she turns to face all

    [18:13] * +dancer010 lets her eyes blaze as the Master at her back lends her the strength of his resolution, the beast glows in the presence of Him the strength to her curves soft and yielding only to his demanding snap with the swift pleasure of Him she embraces the pole as it is the only that could draw the beast as art, the thrum of her heart in line with the drums echoes only to his ears as she

    [18:13] * +dancer010 slides to tender knees

    [18:14] * +dancer010 feels her body spread wide, the heart of her bared for all to see just as clear as her body glimmering on display her skin painted in this movement as she come to the crashing end of her ritual, the beast left bare and seen by all but knowing it is for the pleasure of one her lips part on wanton breath

    [18:14] <+dancer010> ~La kajira

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    November 21, 2020
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