KK Fall Spectacular, Return 2020

November 21, 2020 - 5pm EST at #Gorean_Dance
Thank you Demoness for fabulously coordinating this event!
Thank you judges:Lu`Kel, Shadoefox, and Violent, and Radnor Watcher/Commentator


chemy{KK}, iris{KK}, lara{KK}, nara{KK}, shiva{KK}, adeen{R}, elena{MM}, {talia}D, enya, nishi, yuna


1st Place - yuna
Runner-up- chemy{KK}


1st Place - iris{KK}
Runner-up- nara{KK}

Beginners, 1st place,
Dancer 3 - yuna

[17:59] <~Demoness> Wonderful Dancers so far, next dance is the Sa-eela, dancer003 you have the sand pit

[18:00] * +dancer003 begins in the floor center, striking shapeliness packed into small height, head bowed and long hair a shiny hang of theater curtain. Brown, gold-flecked eyes stare listlessly down at tiny toes, and ears thrum with the percussive rhythm of others' snapping fingers, whisper-hissing palms, and slapping of silk-clad thighs, all made to musically imitate the patter of rainfall.

[18:01] * +dancer003 's head snaps up with a sharp gasp when a sudden clap of thunder is announced by a lone drumbeat, and empty eyes blaze to life with a powerful wish. Trembling with nerves and heart stampeding all over fluttering insides, she dances suddenly forward, twisting and turning with urgency and joy; bare breasts bounce when she bounds to a door, swinging it open wide, ready lips parting.

[18:03] * +dancer003 , rather than crying out, sucks back a cold lump of aching joy, the search from the doorway revealing a stretch of empty road, a trick, a ghost of the storm. Shrinking back, there is not even a fraction of comfort in a self hug, longing for the feel of Master's arms. With a lonely moan, the slave claws fingers through hair, making it wild, melancholic music throbbing belly deep.

[18:04] * +dancer003 gyrates through the empty Home and struggles, stamping bare feet, pain bleeding from song and fitful performance. A broom is snatched from the wall for brisk determined sweeps, but it becomes a dancer's pole, and she winds her leg around the wood, snaking arms and crossing wrists too long unshackled, kissing it with breasts, desperate for the solace of serving.

[18:06] * +dancer003 throws away the broom and collapses on the furs, rolling to and fro through a restless night of dreams. A brazen display of pale figure undulates sensually in the low light, and delicate fingers stroke and grip, traveling up bare curves before curling around the loose ring of metal at her lily throat. Holding it with white-knuckled grip, she finally bends in a tiny sleeping [18:06] * +dancer003 ball.

[18:07] * +dancer003 , after a heavy silence, wakes to a savage drumbeat, and the compelling rhythm drives her back to the door. Even after endless disappointments, the heart throbs and hopes, slave feet stamping its beat . This time when the door is flung wide, she springs joyously out into the rain for a merry tear-filled greeting, hands and knees kissing the ground like a shameless beast.

[18:08] * +dancer003 prowls forward happily, naked breasts swaying and lush cheeks a prominent spectacle. She is looking way up, smiling so brightly, finally he's come home! But sweet jaw begins a slow turn, eyes revealingly wet, unnoticed and ignored. With a surge of emotion and crescendo, she rushes and falls on arched back, dangerously and deliberately in the path of the towering man.

[18:09] * +dancer003 feverishly showcases full curves with hands, throwing shapely legs wide, reminding him of what glistening treasure he owns, hips lewdly rolling and jerking to the frantic drum rhythms. Black hair, smelling of sweet larma, is flaunted in swings and tosses, asking to be tamed by a controlling fist. Pretty beggar's eye contact stays locked upwards, needs pouring out.

[18:11] * +dancer003 throws back the veil of shyness, drawing attention to every wanton inch of flesh- dancing sensually upon the knees, hips hypnotically swirling. Soft freckled arms travel up, fingers lacing behind the neck, elbows splayed and spine bowed. She dips to the tiles, gliding legs together, long hair and worshipful kisses sweeping over boots.

[18:11] * +dancer003 breathes quick hot breaths, beaded with glistening sweat, arching off the floor and rocking back on dusty heels during the final notes of the song. Creamy thighs are wide splayed with palms upon them upturned with want, chest jutting forward and heaving, body trembling in nadu as imploring eyes seek a moment's compassion for a dripping, forgotten kajira.

then la kajira at the end

Beginners, runner-up, Veil Dance
Dancer 1 - chemy{KK}

[15:09] <~Demoness> First dancer we have is going to be doing a veil dance for us, dancer001, you have the sand pit

[15:10] * +dancer001 smiles at the new head of KK as she bites her lower lip taking a deep breath feeling her heartbeat rising fast to the point that she hopes she doesn’t pass out, telling herself don’t be nervous she places 5 veils on the floor before her they are brought from The Kasbah in the Shifting Sands in the Tahari desert a green, blue, yellow, black and red ,she nods to the musicians to start the music

[15:10] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:11] * +dancer001 when the music starts slowly she takes a step towards the center of the room, moving her left arm elegantly up twirling sensually on the rhythm of the music, keeping up with the beat as her right arm following her right leg as it sweeps forward, she places her left foot beside her right closing her eyes for a moment as she listens to the music letting it build falling to her knees bending her curvy body onto the floor in [15:11] * +dancer001 the center of the room.

[15:11] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

03[15:12] * {cerys}A (Aldrics@His.bitch.Any.questions) has joined #gorean_dance [15:12] * +dancer001 hears music in her ear she starts swaying kneeled and elegantly on the high tunes of the music, swirling her hands sensually above her head as her sapphire eyes spark, feeling the soft wind brushing the long blond hair out of her face as she waits for the music to hit its fullest sound

[15:13] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:14] * +dancer001 looks at the floor there are the veils black , green, blue, yellow, black and red... she slowly rolls her head around her shoulders, she crosses her arms and sensuously trails them up her arms, making a bow above her head... she lets her arms fall, reaching for the first veil, the green one, the color of life, the soil where all seeds are planted to hatch and grow... she prays the new Koroban Kaverns with develop and grow [15:14] * +dancer001 she lifts the veil above her head, twirling, circling, and finally tosses it away, watching it flutter to the ground...

[15:14] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:16] * +dancer001 rises as she grabs the blue off the floor twirling onto her tippy toes as she waves with the blue veil, a symbol of the water without which nothing can grow and thirst can never be quenched... she releases the veil sinking to her knees as it puddles around her as she tries to catch her breath...

[15:16] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:18] * +dancer001 reaches out for the next veil, smiling at its brilliant yellow color which contrasts her sapphire eyes... it represents the sun, the warmth needed to bring forth all life and the sun shines brightly upon the little seed to given it the strength to grow and hope to become a precious flower... it also symbolizes the Brotherhood, and sisterhood developed within Koroban Kaverns by the old founder and His Friends so many years [15:18] * +dancer001 ago…and its traditions carried on to this day by the new head of KK who she adores dearly, she could light the sun upon someone that needed it...

[15:18] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:20] * +dancer001 sapphire eyes fall upon the black veil it symbolizes what was and what needs to be remembered always she looks at the black veil, remembering the loss the void looking up at head of the shot bosk, hanging on the wall in all its glory as she remembers the founder of KK , she didn’t have the pleasure in knowing Him well but cherishes the memories she has. , pressing the veil against her heart as she tosses it over the [15:20] * +dancer001 horn of the bosk, bowing on the floor pressing her face against the floor in a tribute to those who are missed for a brief moment so that she can catch her breath hearing the music play on

[15:20] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:22] * +dancer001 bends gracefully as she reaches for the last veil the most important one of all the red one as she doesn't have to tell You about what it this color is for as she swirls around letting the scarf touch her sunkissed body as she smiles singing all you need is love as she smiles tying the red scarf loosely around her hipes as she wiggles them gracefully twirling around as she looks at all the Jarls,Masters,Mistress , sisters [15:22] * +dancer001 girls and brother that are here

[15:22] <+dancer001> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

[15:24] * +dancer001 slowly walks as she twirls around starting to skips around the dancefloor picking up 3 of the veils she tossed away adding the red that is tied onto her waist waving them around dancing with even more passion as her face is bright red, her eyes express her desire to please as she falls to her knees onto the floor as the music stops

[15:24] <+dancer001> @@@@@@@@La Kajira@@@@@@@@@

Advanced, 1st place, Sa-eela Dance}
Dancer 12 - iris{KK}

[18:36] <~Demoness> Our last and final Dance is the Sa-eela Dance, dancer012, you have the sand pit

[18:36] * +dancer012 kneels upon the soft grains of sand, the hearth burning brightly, lanterns hung all around, furs spread all around the pit, low drum beats heard in the background, firelight dances along the beasts flesh, thick tawny mane rippling down muscled back, sun kissed flesh encased in dark purple silk, floor length skirt slit up each finely muscled thigh, supple hips wrapped tightly

[18:37] * +dancer012 arches, ample breasts straining in silken confines, elegant features twisted with frustration, loneliness, passion, need, looking around with a fierce longing, eagerness to please burning through the beasts heated core, chaos raging in clouded mind, supple limbs shaking, taunt muscles ripple under smooth flesh, nimble fingers dance over softly curved belly

[18:38] * +dancer012 rises up on barely spread knees, luscious curves sway to the beat of the drums, delicately chiming bells locked around each fragile ankle, slender hands skimming along hourglass waist, smoothing down over tightly bound hips, rocking back, supple form laid back over upturned heels, waves of tawny mane clouded around naked shoulders, palms caressing up over ample breasts, pulse beating like a caged bird

[18:38] * +dancer012 arches up off the sands, hips rolling hard from side to side, golden shoulders strained back, finely muscled arms thrown out to the sides, a silent scream torn from the girl, curling over kissed knees, shaking, tightly balled fists pounding off the sand, sleek golden thighs pressed tightly together, rubbing, uncontrollable passion growing more potent, lifting up, sensuous figure twisting like a snake

[18:39] * +dancer012 writhes to the beat of the drums, swaying voluptuous form upwards, willowy arms twining overhead, lush hips undulating, rocking out left hip, left leg stretching out gracefully, bowing low, slim fingers caressing up along muscled calf, luscious frame rolling, fiery need burning bright, hands fluttering along smooth thighs, nails leaving bright red marks, falling to one side

[18:40] * +dancer012 rolls to softly rounded belly, elegant features covered by heavy brunette tresses, beads of sweat covering every inch of naked flesh, every emotion pours out of the girl, twisting, straining, curling on the sands, balled fists pressed tightly to bound breasts, tears leaving crystalline trails down each smooth cheek, looks up, thick waves of brunette mane thrown back, sand flying, golden orbs pleading

[18:41] * +dancer012 plants agile hands firmly on the sand, rearing up to bent knees, fine sand particles covering damp flesh, head thrown back, eyes closed, rose hewed lips open in a soft O, limber fingers running down over straining neck, cupping upturned breasts, kneading the softness, hands gliding lower, floating over voluptuous hips, swaying, twisting lush curves to the beat of the drums

[18:42] * +dancer012 slows sensual movements, golden flesh streaked with sweat, sand clinging to curves, tightly bound breasts heaving with each breath, rounded ass cheeks pressed firmly upon tender soles, golden gaze downcast, thick tresses covering fine features, hiding the passion that burns bright, muscles twitching under smooth flesh with the strain, waiting to be noticed

[18:43] * +dancer012 rests agile hands upon smooth rounded thighs, palms turned up to the sky, delicate chin raised, arches finely muscled back, tender breasts heaving in their silken confines, every inch of supple flesh burning, the fire in the girls belly growing, pulsating, consuming every thought, taking a shuddering breath, movements stilling, waiting with longing to be seen, ready to serve Him once again

[18:44] * +dancer012 la kajira

Advanced, Runner-up, Pole Dance
Dancer 11 - nara{KK}

[18:23] <~Demoness> Our next to last Dancer is going to do a Pole Dance, dancer011, you have the sand pit.

[18:23] * +dancer011 rises from the slave fur, azure orbs moves over to the Free, beaming, small hands runs down curvaceous figure and push curly mane back, as they flow down shoulders. Thin yellow silk lays seductively on hips, perambulate with excitement to the sand pit, dangly slave bells rings softly, noticing the pole proud and tall, staring intensely to it

[18:24] * +dancer011 hears the beat of the tabor filling sharp ears, catchy rhythm moves hypnotizing body swaying alluringly back and forth, dainty fingers grasp the tall proud pole, small hands slowly slides up and down as lips arch into a mischievous smile at a thought, happily and excitedly walking around it slowly, blue orbs eyes the pole wondering

[18:25] * +dancer011 snakes alabaster arms over head clasping small hands together, impulsively thrusting bottom against pole, fair cheeks blushes imagining pressing derriere against a Free feeling him from behind, tingling goose bumps kiss creamy skin while hearing loud heart beating though chest, matching the rhythm of drums

[18:26] * +dancer011 fiery whimpers escape parted lips, curvy body slowly move all the way down the pole, feeling the soft thin silk inching up exposing top of creamy thighs, slender legs lift to the beat, hands trail lightly down toned curled legs to ankle, ample hips moves sensuously back and forth, teasing swollen petals on the pole

[18:27] * +dancer011 stops suddenly, resentful, hands push pole quickly away, belly burns with desire, drumbeats stopping abruptly for a few ihns. Curvy body leans back on sands, head tilts back hesitantly, blue eyes turn in the direction of the pole standing tall like him, blonde hair flows down teasing Ko-lar neck, dainty fingers grip fine curls, kajira frustratedly crying out

[18:28] * +dancer011 pulls herself harshly against the pole, moving hands along its length begging hungrily for his touch, craving, grinding, teasing with fervor of need and sweet wetness on his rough hand wandering between creamy thighs. Smooth limbs wrap around Him gently climbing up, small kajira hands move down on barely covered body, pinching hardened buds brutally

[18:29] * +dancer011 throws head back, moving heated body down the pole, swollen petals leave trails of wetness, dainty fingers move roughly through blonde ringlets pulling back hard , like being forced back, sensitive hips grind hard on Him, offering herself trying to entice Him to use her at his will

[18:30] * +dancer011 moans softly desire carries her to a place she longs to be with a Man. Beast wiggles up on top of the pole, presses aroused body against its peak, blue eyes spotting the Free in the home, smiling seductively, long legs wrap around the pole, press up against it, sliding down as heated need grows wildly as cheek blushes

6[18:31] * +dancer011 eventually, lifts from the gorean bow, yellow silk moves up passing seductive hips with the pole between creamy thighs, hearing the beats dying slowly, kaijra gasp heavily for air, presses sweat soaked forehead to it, rosy lips press tenderly, deeply kissing the pole whispering proudly

[18:31] <+dancer011> La kaijra

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November 21, 2020
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